Blu-ray release: ‘Shaw Brothers Presents: Four Films by Chang Cheh’

By   |  Oct 12, 2023

Arrow Video are bringing a collection of four Hong Kong films helmed by Chang Cheh to UK Blu-ray on October 23, 2023.

By the early-1970s, Chang Cheh was already Shaw Brothers’ most prolific and well-known director with a plethora of box office hits (including the ‘One-Armed Swordsman franchise) to his name and renowned for discovering the hottest young talents to star in his films.

Three of those stars – David Chiang, Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng – all feature in ‘Five Shaolin Masters and ‘Shaolin Temple, two selections from his instant-classic ‘Shaolin Temple Cycle’, based on the real-life tales of fighters training to face off against the ruthless Qing armies taking over China. A few years later, Chang outdid himself with the formation of the all-powerful posse of kung fu experts known to fans as the Venom Mob, whose talents would be showcased most famously in ‘The Five Venoms’ and ‘Crippled Avengers.

Blood-soaked, brutal, and a marked influence on the ‘heroic bloodshed’ films by Chang’s sometime assistant director John Woo, these four films show one of Shaw’s greatest directors working at the height of his talents.

• High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentation
• Uncompressed Mandarin and English original mono audio
• Cantonese mono for ‘The Five Venoms’
• English subtitles, plus English hard-of-hearing subtitles for the English dubs
• Commentary on ‘The Five Venoms’ by Simon Abrams
• Appreciation of Chang Cheh by Tony Rayns
• Interview with star , filmed in 2003
• Interview with star Lo Meng, filmed in 2003
• Elegant Trails: two featurettes on David Chiang and Ti Lung by Celestial Pictures in 2003
• Chang Cheh: The Master, a featurette by Celestial Pictures in 2003
• Alternate standard-definition version of ‘Shaolin Temple’
• Alternate opening credits from the US version of ‘Five Shaolin Masters’
• Alternate opening credits sequences for ‘Shaolin Temple’
• Trailers
• Image galleries

‘Shaw Brothers Presents: Four Films by Chang Cheh’ is available to pre-order now from or

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