Dance Of The Drunk Mantis

南北醉拳 | Drunken Master Part 2 | Dance Of The Drunken Mantis
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Yuen Woo-Ping takes the helm for another kung fu classic, this time directing the official sequel to ‘Drunken Master’.

After years of wandering the countryside, Sam the Seed returns home only to discover that his wife has adopted a son in his absence. After an earlier misunderstanding, Sam takes an instant dislike to Foggy, the son, and teases him mentally and physically. Foggy can stand no more and deeply upset, he runs away. While working at a restaurant, Foggy overhears a plan to kill Sam the Seed by the fearsome Rubberlegs who intends on being the supreme Drunk Mantis Boxing Champion. Although he rushes home to prevent it, Foggy is unable to stop his adopted father from being seriously injured, but the two do manage to escape. During frequent visits to a peculiar kung fu fighting doctor (who sleeps in a coffin!) to obtain medicine, Foggy learns a new form of kung-fu. Now armed with this ‘Sickness Boxing’, Foggy awaits the final battle with Rubberlegs.

Although not up to ‘Drunken Master 2’ (what film could be!), ‘Dance Of The Drunk Mantis’ is still a great film. Yuen Woo-Ping and his brothers fill the film with stunning ‘drunken’ conflicts and duels. Yuen Siu-Tien makes a welcome return as Sam the Seed and his real-life son Yuen Shun-Yi makes a very sympathetic Foggy. The trio of stars is complete with the legendary Hwang Jang-Lee as Rubberlegs, continuing to stun the audience with his legwork. A worthy follow-up to a worldwide favourite.

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